Terms and Conditions

Course Content
This course’s sole purpose is to teach the registrant how to run a SEO agency. While contracts or spreadsheets may be used to run the business or presented to a client, the registrant strictly agrees to not resell this knowledge or the materials in the form of any kind of physical or online purchase, course, webinar, consultation or any other form of exchange. If a registrant is found reselling this material in any form or fashion, they must pay damages to the course creator for any and all income made by selling this material. This is a legally binding agreement, whether or not registrant claims to have read the terms or services. Registrant will also compensate the original course creator for the legal fees spent in obtaining these damages.

All course elements are available to a user when they register. If the Essentials are purchased, they will be provided with further information and documents.

Payment in full is required at the time of registration. This consists a single registration fee of $495. While the registrant is free to use the materials to build a SEO agency, this does not authorize the resale of any materials to other people interested in starting an agency.

Refund Policy
There are no refunds as the materials purchased are downloads and cannot be ensured that copies do not exist in the possession of the registrant. Any complaints will be taken into consideration but no obligation for returned funds exists.