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Want to learn how to start and run a SEO company that makes monthly revenue. Normally, this class is $495 dollars but I’m going to show you how to do 90% of it for free. You can seriously start this without paying me anything.

This is not a long class. You can finish it in 3 hours or less and get started now.  There’s a lot of valuable information that simply doesn’t get covered on Youtube videos. I do this as a profession. I’ve been getting paid to do it for my community for the last 5 years.

SEO is the New Real Estate

Here’s a fun fact: ABOUT 1 in 100 PEOPLE IS A REALTOR. It’s a stupid how many there are and sad that most people default to that option when they get the entrepreneurial itch. What I can show you is BETTER.

Realtors don’t get a monthly revenue. Once you get your money, you have to go sell another house. Building an SEO agency is no less difficult that being a realtor, and anything you can’t do- someone else can do it for you!

Start a Local SEO Company

People want a LOCAL SEO company. I’ve heard it time and time again, “We hired someone but they were all the way in ____ and we just didn’t trust them. That’s why we called you.” I don’t care where you live, people want someone they can see.

You really can’t lose. Even if your company doesn’t take off, you can take these skills and apply them in other companies. You can take the sales skills you learn and apply them.

People might say, “Carl, why are you giving so much of this for free?” I do it because I still believe in the American Dream. I believe you can strap on your boots, get to work and make money- good money! I’m not selling a get-rich-quick-scheme, I’m selling a live-your-dream.  Be your own boss!


A Shortcut of Knowledge & Resources

If you’re really smart, you’ll know it takes money and time to start a business. Buy the essentials! I’m seriously giving you what I’ve accumulated over the past 5 years, like contract outlines and monthly reports. You can just type your name on them and you’re good to go.

Click UNLOCK THE ESSENTIALS to learn what you get.

Not only documents, I’m also going to show you a few key secrets that will rocket your progress faster than this free class can.  You will also get a page on my site that will automatically start feeding Google rank authority onto your new business. Personal consultations are not included but I’m open to a conversation about it.


Unlock the essentials now!

What you get in the FREE CLASS

This course will show you how I built the business, giving all the important steps. You could start a company with just this information.

1 – Start Your Site

2 – Get Your Google Map Listing

3 – The Basics of Search Optimization

4 – Acquire Your First Clients

5 – How to Execute a Full SEO Service

6 – Pricing Structure

7 – Prospecting Potential Clients

From here, you can sign up a new client and begin their service.

Each new client could amount to $1000 per month, which pays back the Essentials in a single month.

Each new client will increase your revenue and improve your business. Feel free to revisit the Free class any time you need.

What you get in the ESSENTIALS

Buy all of my documents! You can literally put your name on them and get to work. Crucial items such as contracts and checklists, as well as resources such as professional selling tips and even a link on our website to boost your intial authority.
1) SEO Website Template
2) Initial Link Boost on our Site (Zellus)
3) Online Hiring Guide
4) Advanced Prospecting

Once you sign up a client, you can use:
5) Client Contract
6) Initial SEO Review 
7) SEO Checklist
8) Local Link Network
9) SEO Vendor Tutorial
10) Blog Service Guide
11) Monthly Report

You will also get:
12) More Stuff Document as well as a PDF Copy of my new marketing book, The INVEST Method.

You don’t have to get these to start but they will put your business a year ahead. These documents will save you so much time.  I would know it, they took years to get right.